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The Kula Project

A nonprofit that helps families in Rwanda create for themselves a stable economy—powered mostly by women. 


An Influence Shift

Discover the Nashville Fashion Alliance, a group of Nashville's most in-the-know helping fashion industry creatives establish themselves as entrepreneurs in the Music City.


The Badass Hotel

The GunRunner Boutique Hotel, based in Florence, Alabama, has a storied history and is one of the top spots to hangout in Florence complete with 10 Shoals-themed rooms.

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A Dance with Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher is the winner of the 25th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and in this exclusive interview I get to know the singer, dancer, and performer and his connection to Birmingham, Alabama.


Masters of the Hunt

The story of two sisters, both masters of the hunt, tell me how they began their journeys in hunting, riding horses, and how it all has affected them as women.

Trailblazers of the South: Inaugural Column

I authored the first Trailblazers column of Good Grit Magazine. In this column, I helped to curate trailblazers in the American South working in social justice, immigration, & the environment.


A Chemist, an Accountant, and a Lawyer Walk Into a Bar...

Discover Wise Man Brewing out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The story here is amazing. Three friends, a chemist, an accountant, and a lawyer decided to go into business together to pursue a single passion: brewing beer. 

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Trailblazers in the South: William "Bill" Palmer, Ph.D.

A spotlight on the President, CEO, and Director of Research of Tall Timbers, a widely regarded resource in the areas of fire ecology, game bird management, and forestry in North Florida and the red hills region of Georgia.


Thin Cookies,
Big Heart

 Meet Evva Hanes, matriarch of the Moravian-cookie-making-family and ninth generation cookie maker at Mrs. Hanes Handmade Moravian Cookies in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

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Trailblazers in the South: Eric Meier, CEO, Owl Insights, Inc.

A man of varied interests, Eric Meier is creating change for the community of Clarksdale, Mississippi with the help of his friend and former mayor,
Bill Luckett.


Discussion by Design

In the 2018 Heirloom issue of Good Grit Magazine, I organized and facilitated a round table discussion with Atlanta's top interior designers, artists, and curators, hosted by Brian Patrick Flynn. I also ensured the creation of a short promotional social video to be used alongside the article, which you can view below.


Good Grit's Fav 'lil Dive Bar:
The Accordion Club

This little dive bar, located in Durham, North Carolina, began as a passion project of founder Scott Richie. Inspired by his grandfather, Scott has created a place of community where patrons are welcome to unwind and let loose.


The Antique Maestro

Bob Tedrow is a tinkerer. His interest is in instrument repair, but his speciality is in creating and repairing concertinas. Discover the story of this antique maestro who calls Birmingham, Alabama home.


Delta Decadence

Hugh Balthrop is the owner of Sweet Magnolia Gelato, a Clarksdale, Mississippi-based gelateria that exclusively uses organic, local ingredients in their gelato.


A Fresh Face in Menswear:
Brownlee Bathing Corp.

Discover Brownlee Bathing Corp., a Nashville-based menswear company making waves in the fashion industry.


Eye on Design:
The Carter McGuyer Design Group

Carter McGuyer is an industrial designer based in Florence, Alabama who, with his wife Brandi, has created an award-winning design firm.


Make Me an Action Figure!

An inside look at the MiniMe Factory in Alpharetta, Georgia.